Handmade with rings and bottoms of used soda cans


Reversible belt, ideal to use with dress or trousers in casual or formal events.



Handmade with rings of used cans


When I became aware of the damage and the impact that we are causing to the enviroment I realized that each and every one of us must assume the responsibility of caring -not to destroy-, so I put into practice concrete, small actions, but added to other initiatives made me feel that I am helping to preserve the valuable natural resources of our planet. cuidar para no destruir, por lo que puse en práctica acciones concretas, pequeñas, pero que sumadas a otras iniciativas ayudan en algo, haciéndome sentir que estoy contribuyendo a preservar los valiosos recursos naturales de nuestro planeta.

Upon discovering that most disposable products are not biodegradable but can be recycled, it was like a good opportunity to contribute even more to this campaign for the environment: recover used cans to prevent them for going away to trash and pollute the land, the oceans, and the rivers. This is vital to me. And I love knowing that they can be reused, transformed and recycled to make beautiful and useful things, like my beloved handbags.

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